About Us


Bioengineering is a multidisciplinary field bridging the gap between biology and engineering sciences and is fast becoming a globally expanding academic discipline. MIT group of institutes is a reputed brand name in engineering as well as medical education and is rightfully poised to initiate the bioengineering program.

The School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research aims to prepare students for ambitious careers in bioengineering arena by imparting super specialized training through project-based learning approach. The courses also promote entrepreneurship and associated ecosystem in bioengineering.

Bioengineering is the youngest and most stimulating field which represents the intersection of science, technology, and engineering. It burgeons from foundation core sciences, such as biology, physiology, chemistry, genetics, biomedical science and blends it with elements of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics quantitative and materials sciences, etc. Bioengineering commingles the reductionist approaches of biology with the constructionist approach of engineering and applies them to decipher problems and seek potential applications for open-ended, unmet challenges in biology, health, and medicine.

Research activities in the School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research are wide-ranging, reflecting the diversity of modern biotechnology. The department provides an ideal milieu for interdisciplinary collaborative research and interaction between students and faculty. The MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research is committed to conduct basic research in the frontier, multidisciplinary areas of modern biology and to develop cohesive, talented cohort of multitasking peers.

As bioengineering bridges engineering, biology and physical science, to encompass this interdisciplinary discipline, our faculty and students are exploring the following broad themes and research areas:

  • Biomaterial
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomedical
  • Bioinformatics