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Ph.D in Bioengineering

Minimum 3 Year's.

  • MIT-School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research offers PhD programme in the fields of Biotechnology, Biomaterial, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics
  • The School has faculty specialized in these areas with PhD and Postdoctoral experience from reputed research center’s. The School has a burgeoning in-house technical facility and collaborations with industry and research organizations
  • We welcome students with enthusiasm and commitment to pursue innovative research projects that would contribute to human welfare. The pursuing of PhD on part-time basis continuing with employment in allied areas is also encouraged
  • Those who wish to pursue the programme part-time are expected to be present at the School for at least six months during their PhD tenure
  • Offering Ph.D in various specialties of Bioengineering for more details please refer the attached PDF file

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D in Bioengineering 

Academic Term

Course No.

Course Name


I Semester


Research Methodology

4 C


Biosafety, ethics and Intellectual property

2 C


Introduction to Bioengineering

2 C

II Semester


Scientific writing and Communication skills

2 C





4 C


  1. Recombinant DNA technology
  2. Proteomics/Introduction to Pathogens and infectious diseases



  1. Bioinformatics tools and techniques
  2. Introduction to Java/Introduction to Linux



  1. Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
  2. Advanced Characterization of Nanomaterials/Biophysical Techniques



Proposal writing and Proposal presentation

2 C



Total number of credits

16 C

*1 Credit = 15 Hours/ Lectures

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