Dr. Manisha Tushar Aghav

Assistant Professor

MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research, MIT-ADT University, Pune



Her research includes biorefinery, process development, technology transfer, biomass valorization, Protein/Peptide purification, anaerobic/Aerobic fermentation, feasibility studies, Enzyme kinetics, Separation of small molecules, Proximate analysis and characterization of small molecules, analytical method development, scaling up of process and technology transfer.

  • B. Pharmacy | MIT, Pune (2004-2008)
  • M. Tech Bioprocess Technology | Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (2009-2011)
  • Ph. D. Tech Chemical Engineering | Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), College of Engineering, Pune (2017-2022)
Teaching 1 years
Industry 2 years
Research 3 years
Career Highlights

Career Highlights

  • Expert in fermentation optimization and downstream process development
  • 2 years of industrial experience in peptide synthesis, purification, and characterization
  • Experience in biofuel (biobutanol) production using biomass (Project was funded by DST-INSPIRE and CSIR-SRF)
  • Published 13 research articles and 3 book chapter during entire research tenure

Publications (13

  • Khedkar MA, Nimbalkar PR, Bankar SB, Chavan PV. Adsorption of acetic acid on ion exchange resin in aqueous and non-aqueous conditions: Batch equilibrium study and thermodynamic analysis. Indian Chem Eng 2021, 1-11.
  • Khedkar MA, Satpute SR, Bankar SB, Chavan PV. Adsorptive removal of unsaturated fatty acids using ion exchange resins. J Chem Eng Data 2021, 66, 308-321.
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  • Khedkar MA, Nimbalkar PR, Gaikwad SG, Chavan PV, Bankar SB. Sustainable biobutanol production from pineapple waste by using Clostridium acetobutylicum B 527: Drying kinetics study. Bioresour Technol 2017, 225, 359-366.
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  • Nimbalkar PR, Khedkar MA, Parulekar RS, Chandgude VK, Sonawane KD, Chavan PV, Bankar SB. Role of trace elements as cofactor: an efficient strategy toward enhanced biobutanol production. ACS Sustain Chem Eng 2018, 6 (7), 9304-9313.
  • Nimbalkar PR, Khedkar MA, Gaikwad SG, Chavan PV, Bankar SB. New insight from sugarcane industry waste utilization (press mud) for cleaner biobutanol production by using C. acetobutylicum NRRL B 527. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 2017, 183, 1008-1025.
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  • Bankar SB, Nimbalkar PR, Khedkar MA, Chavan PV. Biobutanol: Research breakthrough for its commercial interest. Wiley and Sons Publishing 2018, 3.
  • Bankar SB, Khedkar MA, Nimbalkar PR, Chavan PV. Biobutanol from agriculture and horticulture waste: Technology and economics. Wiley and Sons Publishing (Communicated).
  • Singhal RS, Bankar SB, Khedkar MA, Bedade D. Mixed culture cultivation in microbial bioprocesses. Springer Publication (Communicated).

Awards and Honours

  • Award of Senior Research Fellowship by CSIR, New Delhi, for 3-year research project (2018-2021) at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune
  • Best research paper award for oral presentation in Sanvargam 2016: A national conference on “Energy and Environment” organised by Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
  • Award of Junior Research fellowship by DST, New Delhi, 2-year research project (2009-2011) at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • Qualified GATE-2009 conducted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, with 93.37 percentile
  • Winner of college level carrom doubles competition at MIT, Pune
  • Secured second rank in college level carrom (singles and mixed doubles) and throw ball competition at MIT, Pune.


  • Biobutanol: The next generation sustainable biofuel production from agricultural waste
  • Effective utilization of agricultural waste for advanced biofuel production

Conferences and Workshops

  • Sanvargam 2016: A national conference on “Energy and Environment” Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune
  • Seminar on 'Bioenergy for future' Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
  • International conference on startup ventures: Technology developments and future strategies (SV:TDFS) IFERP, Manipal University, Jaipur
  • Five days’ workshop on “Research methodology and statistical analysis” organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune