Bioprocess Engineering & Waste Management Research


A specific process that used complete living cells like micro-organisms (bacteria, fungus, etc.) or their components like enzymes, chloroplasts to get desired products. The bioprocess includes the conversion of substrates into a useful products with the help of microbes. Some o the projects that are undertaken here are production of bioethanol, biodiseal, diodegradation of dyes and plastics, bioadsorption, extraction of phytochemicals from the plant source and many more.

Downstream processing plays a vital role in the bioprocess, which refers to the recovery and the purification of desired products obtained from various bioprocessing reactions from the fermentation broth with the help of various unit operations and proper waste disposal. This also involves the recycling of biomass obtained from the bioprocessing. Downstream processing involves all unit operations after fermentation that improves the purity of the final product. It mainly includes distillation, filtration, centrifugation, reverse osmosis, chromatography, liquid-liquid separation, drying, membrane separation, and many more such technologies.

Waste management involves the treatment of waste generated during the various agro-industrial applications for its safe disposal. The waste management mostly involves the collection, transport, and finally, its treatment and safe disposal within the regulated values. The generated waste may be solid, liquid, and gases; also, the generation sources may be different, like industrial, household, or agricultural. Every generated waste should be treatedotherwise it may create hazards to humans or the environment.

Equipments Available:

  • UV- Spectrophotometer
  • 5 Lit lab fermentor
  • Laminar airflow
  • COD Digester
  • BOD Digester
  • Soxlet Apparatus


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