Graduate / Post Graduate Research

As the teaching itself is mainly project based, students are encourage to undertake small projects from the second semester itself. This inculcates the spirit of exploration and keen observation and also exposes them to the thrill of experimenting and learning. Some of the ongoing student research projects are highlighted here.

Student mini research projects in Cell Biology (BT 202) Sem II:

Sr.No Title of projects
1 Anti-mitotic activity of herbs and vegetables
2 Comparative analysis of antibacterial activity of Toothpaste
3 Antimicrobial effect OF Vegetable, herbal extracts
4 Thermal induction of polytene chromosome
5 Induction of cell division
6 Induction, Stress and Rate of Photosynthesis
7 Bacterial Biofilm destruction
8 Chemotaxis, Thermotaxis and Magentotaxis studies using protozoa as model system

Student mini research projects in Biochemistry (BT 203) Sem II:

Sr.No Title of projects
1 Determination of milk casein content from different brands of milk
2 Determination of calcium content from different brands of milk
3 Preparation of biopolymer thin films for enzyme immobilization.
4 Effect of temperature on free and immobilized enzyme
5 Biochemical characterization of salivary amylase
6 Determination of pH, temperature optima of urease from glycine max seeds
7 Determination of thermal stability on free and immobilized urease
8 Effect of pH, temperature and substrate concentration on the activity of phosphatases
9 Estimation of iron content of selected green leafy vegetables
10 Estimation of calcium content of selected green leafy vegetables
11 Extraction of albumin and globulin from egg
12 Isolation of DNA from plant source
13 Isolation of RNA from plant source
14 Determination of antioxidant properties of Emblica officinalis L. leaves
15 Antioxidant potential of Mangifera indica L. bark
16 Determination of zinc content of some green vegetables.
17 Identification of sugar from fruit juice using Thin Layer Chromatography
18 Effect of water stress on free amino acid content of leaves
19 Effect of water stress on total soluble sugars in plants

Student mini research projects in Introduction to Programming (CS 201) Sem II

Students at the MIT Bioengineering encourage right from 2nd Semester to undertake projects leading to research publication and patents. Additionally students actively participate in national & international events such as KPIT sparkles, Smart India Hackathon, MEDHA (Medical Device Hackathon), iGEM & relevant conferences.

National level Hackathons

National Innovation Contest (NIC-2020) organized by MHRD’s Innovation Cell, TERRE Policy Centre, IIC MHRD and MIT-ADT University, Pune on 25th July 2020. 6 teams of MIT SBSR have been selected for incubation at Atal Incubation Centre

List of Teams selected for NIC-2020

Name of Team Lead


Team Members

Selected For







Shruti Joshi

SIH 2020 Development of a business model for the collection and utilization of single-use plastics and other industrial wastes.
TriyakshMathur MIT_NIC_0720POC010 ManaswiPatil NIC 2020/ MIT-AIC Better ways of composting kitchen waste
Devi Krishna MIT_NIC_0720POC014 Akanksha Mishra TERRE Policy/ MIT-AIC Development of heartbeat analysing
ApurvaGosavi MIT_NIC_0720POC046 Onkar Date TERRE Policy/ MIT-AIC Development of Lab on chip Thyroid diagnostic device
AnkurGhodke MIT_NIC_0720POC011 Neha Agarwal MIT-AIC Dye degradation of industry Effluents using Bacteria and simultaneous bio-electricity generation using microbial fuel cell
ShreyasPatil MIT_NIC_0720POC015


Rashi Singh




MIT-AIC Delivery of essential medicines in hilly area
RutvikaPatki MIT_NIC_0720POC003

Anjana Nair


Shweta Irali


Tanmay Jain

Pratyush Agrawal

MIT-AIC Non-Invasive Glucometer

Medical Device Hackathon (MEDHA)

MIT ADT-SBSR has hosted 2018 and co-hosted 2019 a national event in collaboration with IIT Bombay - Mumbai , COEP-Pune, VNIT-Nagpur and NCL Venture Centre Pune.

S No




Mentor institutes


1 MEDHA 2018 4th - 5th August Hosted BETiC IIT Bombay, COEP Pune MIT-ADT SBSR, Pune
2 MEDHA 2019 20th -21st August Co-hosted BETiC IIT Bombay, BIRAC Venture Center Pune NCL Venture Center

Students and faculties participation in conferences outside institute

S No

Names of the participant/s

Title of Poster/oral

Conference details

1 ChandrakantTagad and Pratik A. Nagawade Silver nanoparticles based optical fiber transmission sensor for the detection of mercury. 36th National conference of Indian Council of Chemists, 26-27th Dec 2017, Andhra University Visakhapatnam, India
2 SaipriyaKurapati, Neha Agrawal, Dr. NayanaPatil, Isolation, characterization and identification of extremophiles from the marine ecosystem International Conference on Advances in Medical and Industrial Biotechnology, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai- 2019
3 Ashima Khanna, Onkar Date, Divya Shetty, AnuOswal, Dr. NayanaPatil, Dr. MadhuraChandrashekhar PEred : Solving plastic based menstrual waste crisis using synthetic biology. Gaint Jamboree, iGEM 2019, Boston, USA. 2019
4 MayuriMalawade, RajnandiniChaudhari, VedashreeSirdeshmukh, Lokesh Sharma, KishorRajdeo, ChandrakantTagad Silver nanoparticle synthesis using PVA/galactomannan/gelatin composite to develop bactericidal films for food packaging applications 3rd International Conference on Material Science (ICMS 2020) March 3-6, 2020 Tripura University, Tripura
5 HarshadaDhamdhere, AmrutaKakade, VedashreeSirdeshmukh, ChandrakantTagad, Hydrothermal decoration of nanosilver on the surface of biopolymer modifying ZnO for excellent catalytic and biomedical application 3rd International Conference on Material Science (ICMS 2020), March 3-6, 2020, Tripura University, Tripura
6 Vipul Dhongade, Amol Kahandal, R. C. Aiyer, ChandrakantTagad PdO-SnO2 composite based room temperature operable resistive sensor for the detection of ethanol vapors 3rd International Conference on Material Science (ICMS 2020) March 3-6, 2020, Tripura University, Tripura
7 AnkurGodke, Dr. NayanaPatil Dye degradation and simultaneous bio electricity generation using microbial fuel cell ICABET, held at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata 2020
8 RuchaWadapurkar, Dr. Renu Vyas Computational analysis of targeted sequencing data of ovarian cancer cell lines ACER-Cancer Innovative Award for Best Innovative and Novel Idea, 2020

Awards received by students in international and national conferences

1. Ashima Khanna, Onkar Date, AnuOswal, Ajay Extross, Divya Shetty, NayanaPatil, Madhura Chandrasekhar, Renu Vyas Bronze medal in international science competition, iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine), BOSTON, Grant Received by DBT, India.

2. "Two teams from MIT Bioengineering have been shortlisted for grand finale of Smart India Hackathon - 2020 organized by MHRD Government of India."
Team 1- (Team Name - SOS) Team leader- Ajay Extross
Team 2- (Team Name - The Green crew) Team leader- RaieeGulhane

3. "TriyakshMathur and team B.Tech.first year selected in final round of IIC (Institutions Innovation Council) which will represent MIT ADT University at IIC National Innovation Contest-2020, Govt. of India.

4. AnkurGhodke, from third year, Devi Krishna, ApoorvaGosavi first year selected for incubation in Atal Incubation Centre (AIC), TERRE policy centre and NIC-2020 MHRD, Govt. of India.

5. Ms. RuchaWadapurkar won "ACER- Cancer Innovative Award for Best Innovative and Novel Idea" in A virtual "International Conference on Basic and Translational Cancer Research: Novel Ideas and Approaches", " held on June 25-27, 2020.

6. Ms. Nilofer Shaikh won best eposter award in A virtual "International Conference on Basic and Translational Cancer Research: Novel Ideas and Approaches", held on June 25-27, 2020

7. MayuriMalwade, RajnanditiChaudhury, Lokesh Sharma, won Royal Society of Chemistry's Soft matter award for best poster presentation at International conference of Material Science, Tripura University, 2020.

8. YogitaRanade, Pranav Pathak, First prize in an oral presentation, Recent trends in Bioengineering (ICRTB 2020), MIT-ADT University.

9. Ajay Extross, Aditya Waknis, ChandrakantTagad, Pranav Pathak, Best Poster Award, Recent trends in Bioengineering (ICRTB 2020), MIT-ADT University.

10. Devi Krishna, Akansha Mishra, ApurvaGosavi, 2ndprize in the model competition, Recent trends in Bioengineering (ICRTB 2020), MIT-ADT University.

11. Tanuja Shendkar , Aishwarya Pardi, Gayatri Patil & Srushti Sutar are selected for the grand finale of KPIT Sparkle 2021,Pune.

12. Final year BTech students Niyukti, Neha, Pravesh, Pooja, Shubham, Wasim, Harshita and Amruta are working as interns at Andhra Pradesh Med Tech Zone (AMTZ) Vishakhapatnam have been involved in distribution of oxygen concentrators across the country to hospitals and charity organizations.

13. Third year students won the awards at eMEDHA 2021 on 16th May'21 Rishav Ranjan: Frugal Innovation Award, Zakariya Adil A. Khwaja & Prathamesh Mahajan : Innovative Solution Award and Swati Ramtilak: Product Design Award.

14. Second year B.Tech. student Kavisha Shroff selected as the best delegate in the Asian Youth International WHO Model United Nations.