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    Faculty Testimonials

    Dr. Chandrakant Tagad - ,

    It is a great privilege to be part of the MIT BIO faculty. We have nice academic environment. The Courses are all updated and in sync with industry standards. The courses have been designed in such a way that it allows sufficient time for the discussion in depth and to have interaction with the students intensively. I enjoy teaching here. We here focus on practical based learning approach and hence a lot of hands on projects have been given to the students since the beginning of the course. Students really enjoy doing scientific experiments and come up with nice planning and creative thinking which makes it a pleasure to teach them. We at MIT BIO have got a nice research environment too. I like to interact with research scholars and discuss with them the interesting projects in the field of bio-nanotechnology.

    Prof. Salman Shaikh - ,

    It has been more than a decade that I am associated with the field of Biomedical Engineering. The beauty of this highly interdisciplinary branch always amazed me and made me more curious about its applications in day-to-day life. The discipline of Biomedical engineering shows an increasing trend universally at a great pace, and I find myself lucky to be a part of team of MITBIO

    This institute has opened up many doors of opportunities, that will eventually help to build a platform for biomedical research in India. The environment of the campus is conducive for academics and research. Industry interaction is high and ideal for idea exchange and innovation. R&D on Rehabilitation, sensor and robotics is pursued with collaborations with various healthcare industries. To sum up, it is an ideal place for a professional who wants to bring out a change and advance in the field of bioengineering.