Dr.Sulaxna Pandey

  • BSc. Biotechnology (Grade A) from Allahabad Agriculture Institute, SHIATS
  • M.Sc.in Biotechnology (Grade A) from VIT, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  • Ph.D. Biotechnology (Grade A) from Agharkar Research Institute, Pune under SPPU.
Teaching 1 years
Industry 1 years
Research 9 years
Career Highlights

Professional Experience

  • Research expertise in Microfluidics such as micro reactors, micro mixers, microfluidics chips for biosensors, Biosensors, Quantum Dots, Diagnostics, Cancer Biology, In vivo cancer detection.
  • Senior Research Fellow: “Multiplexed detection of waterborne pathogens using engineered peptides within the microfluidics platform”. Agharkar Research Institute, Pune (Maharashtra)
  • JRF: Project Title- “Development of microfluidics immunoassay for
  • detection of Salmonella Typhimurium” DST Nanomission Project
  • Agharkar Research Institute, Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Expertise in Scientific writing and communications.
  • Published 6 research publications in peer reviewed high impact factor journals.
  • Filed a patent on my Ph.D. research work.
  • Attended several national and international workshops and conferences.
  • Mentored several Ph.D. and MSc. Biotechnology students in their research projects.
  • Medical Manuscript Writer, Editor and Peer Reviewer (Clinical Research Manuscripts): Medics Research
  • MS Excel writer (Statistics, VBA, Macros)
  • Biology Subject Expert, Freelancer: Chegg India Pvt. Ltd.

Awards and Honor

  • Qualified PET-SSPU, 2017
  • Awarded ICMR-SRF fellowship 2018-2021.
  • Awarded best Ph.D. award 2020, ARI, Pune
  • Awarded best Ph.D. research video on Science day 2020 at ARI, Pune


  • Her research interests include Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Lab on Chip, Quantum Dots, Biomedial Imaging, Cancer Biology, Tissue Culture and In vivo.


  • Pandey, S., & Bodas, D “Exploiting the UV excited size-dependent emission of PDMS-coated CdTe quantum dots for in-vitro simultaneous multicolor imaging of HepG2 c
  • Pandey, S., Chaudhary, P., Gajbhiye, V., Jadhav, S., and Bodas, D., “In vivo imaging of prostate tumor-targeted using folic acid conjugated quantum dots” (Accepted in Cancer Nanotechnology-IF: 7.91)
  • Pandey, S., Bodas, D. (2022). Effect of micro-impeller geometries on mixing in a continuous flow active microreactor. Materials Science and Engineering B, IF: 3.407, 283, 115843.
  • Pandey, S., Mukherjee, D., Kshirsagar, P., Patra, C., & Bodas, D. (2021). Multiplexed bio-imaging using cadmium telluride quantum dots synthesized by mathematically derived process parameters in a continuous flow active microreactor. Materials Today Bio, IF: 10.16, 11, 100123.
  • Pandey, S., & Bodas, D. (2020). High-quality quantum dots for multiplexed bioimaging: A critical review. Advances in colloid and interface science, IF: 15.3, 278, 102137.
  • Kamat, V., Pandey, S., Paknikar, K., & Bodas, D. (2018). A facile one-step method for cell lysis and DNA extraction of waterborne pathogens using a microchip. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, IF:12.54, 99, 62-69

Conferences and Seminars

  • Poster presentation on "Quantum Dots in multiplexed detection of pathogens"- at NCCS-NASI PUNE CHAPTER on Emerging trends in disease model systems, March 2019
  • Oral presentation on “QDs as effective fluorescent probes for bioimaging and biosensing” at Hindi Pakhwada Samaroh at MACS’ Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune, India; Sep 2016