Nanobiotech Research


The research aim of the Nanobiotechnology group is to synthesize, characterize and explore the various applications of nanomaterials for multifaceted applications in bioengineering. The lab vision and mission is to conduct cutting edge research and sustainable development in the field of nanomaterials for healthcare and related biological applications for various mechanistic and biomolecular studies. The faculties in this group have expertise in the field of nanomaterials, sensor technology, synthetic biology, processing and application biology. The importance of nanobiotechnology is evident in all sectors of society primarily in healthcare. From simpler food packaging to highly sophisticated devices for healthcare and diagnostics, nanobiotechnology has been thrust-areas in recent times. The future of nano devices, nanotech based drug delivery, nanomaterials in terms of fabrication, characterization and application is immensely potential.

Nano Synthesis and Characterization


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