Dr. Sandeepan Mukherjee

Associate Professor

MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research, MIT-ADT University, Pune

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Sandeepan Mukherjee
  • PhD Medical Microbiology
  • MSc Microbiology
Research 13+ years
Career Highlights

Professional Experience

  • Worked as a Scientific Officer at the Department of Virology at Haffkine Institute, Mumbai from January 2020 and from March 2020 until November 2023 he was heading the department.
  • Served as a Nodal Officer on the NCDC-sponsored project Strengthening Surveillance of Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI) in the Mumbai region.
  • Served as the Chairperson of the Institutional Biosafety Committee at Haffkine Institute.
  • Worked on Designing and Establishing the COVID-19 molecular testing laboratory at Haffkine Institute in March 2020


His research interests include studying pathophysiological mechanisms of viral diseases, assessing immune responses to viral infections, repurposing drugs for viral diseases and studying hots-vector-parasite interactions in zoonotic diseases.

Workshops / Conference Organized

  • Hands-on Training for Laboratory detection of Rabies for Public Health and Microbiology personnel from the state of Maharashtra was organized from 30th October 2023 to 1st November 2023 under the NCDC-NOHPPCZ at Haffkine Institute, Mumbai
  • Hands-on Training on Techniques in Virology for UG and PG students was organized from 5th June 2023 to 9th June 2023, at Haffkine Institute, Mumbai
  • Hands-on Training for Laboratory detection of Rabies for Public Health and Microbiology personnel from the state of Chhattisgarh was organized from 29th November 2022 to 1st December 2022 under the NCDC-NOHPPCZ at Haffkine Institute, Mumbai
  • Hands-on Training for Laboratory detection of Rabies for Public Health and Microbiology personnel from the state of Maharashtra was organized from 10th October 2022 to 12th October 2022 under the NCDC-NOHPPCZ at Haffkine Institute, Mumbai


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* Corresponding Author

Books Published

Chapters in Books

  • Peter N. Strong, Sandeepan Mukherjee, Nakul Shah, Abhay Chowdhary, Kandiah Jeyaseelan (2014). Scorpion Venom Research Around the World: Indian Red Scorpion. In P. Gopalakrishnakone, Elisabeth Ferroni Schwartz, D. Possani, Ricardo C. Rodríguez de la Vega (Eds.), Scorpion Venoms. Springer Netherlands. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6647-1_5-1. Online ISBN: 978-94-007-6647-1

Trainings Taken

  • Training on General requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017, from 7th to 10th June 2022.

Lectures/Talks Given (Last 3 years)

  • Talk on “One Health” at the seminar organized by IDSP, Directorate of Health Services, Government of Maharashtra, at Pune on 1st September 2023
  • Talk on “Rabies” at SIES College, Mumbai on 30th September 2023
  • Talk on “Rabies: The Virus and the Disease” at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune on 15th June 2023
  • Talk on “Biology of Viruses” at the Thakur Shyam Narayan Degree College, Mumbai, on 20th August 2022
  • Web Talk on “Recent Trends in Virology” at Thakur College, Mumbai, on 10th March 2022
  • Web Talk on “Vaccine Biology” for Birla College, Kalyan on 23rd February 2022
  • Web Talk on “Sample Collection, and Diagnosis of Rabies and Rabies Vaccine” at the NRCP State Level ToT, organized by IDSP, Directorate of Health Services, Government of Maharashtra, on 27th January, 28th January and 2nd February 2021
  • Web Talk on “Diagnosing COViD-19: Where is the bottleneck?” for St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai on 23rd May 2020.
  • Web Talk on “Understanding COVID-19: A Microbiological Perspective” for K. C. College, Mumbai on 17th April 2020
  • Talk on “Human Coronaviruses: from SARS to CoVID-19” at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai on 22nd February 2020.