Ms. Nilofer Karim Shaikh

Research Area: Big data (Cancer-omics)

Research topic: Big data integrated environment for computational analysis of Cancer-omics data


1.Participated and Won 1st Prize (Oral Presentation) in 2nd International Conference on Recent trends in Bioengineering (ICRTB 2019).

2. Participated and won best e-poster invirtual International Conference on Basic and Translational Cancer Research: Novel Ideas and Approaches; ICBTCR2020.


1. Under review A Review on Computational Analysis of Big Data in Breast Cancer for Predicting Potential Biomarkers

Presentations (Oral/poster):

1. Identification of Oncogene Biomarker by Profiling TCGA Omics Data Breast and Ovarian Cancer for Personalized Medicine organized by Cancer Education and Research (ACAR), school of life sciences, B.S. AbdurRahmenCresent institute of science and technology, Chennai India.

2. Identification of oncogenic biomarker panels by profiling TCGA omics data for Breast cancer personalized medicine 3rd International Conference On Recent Trends In Bioengineering ( ICRTB 2020 )

3. Identification of Oncogenic Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer by Integrated Text Mining and Cancer Omics data organized by 2ndInternational Conference on Recent trends in Bioengineering (ICRTB 2019) organized by MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research (MITBIO)