Industrial Biotechnology

Biotechnology has receives a great deal of recognition in past few years mainly due to significant strides in rapid testing, vaccinations and medications during the pandemic. Apart from healthcare, biotechnology is also driving breakthroughs in consumer items, chemicals and materials synthesized from plants and microbes.

Industrial biotechnology, a major subcategory of biotechnology involves bio-based production of pharmaceuticals, enzymes, nutrients, eco-friendly polymers, biofuels etc. Recent advances in industrial biotechnology permits new applications for biomass waste for resource conservation, emissions reduction and circularity making it an environmentally and economically sustainable technology. With the exponential growth in this sector there is a high demand for skilled manpower for research and development, production, and sample testing facilities.

At MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research, we offer M.Sc (2 years) in Industrial Biotechnology. The course aims to provide fundamental insights into the discipline, promote cutting-edge research and provide industrially relevant skills to the student.

The Industry oriented curriculum will not only open up new avenues for endless career opportunities but also give the students an edge over their peers in term of sound training and acquisition of advance skill sets such as downstream processing, enzyme technology, modeling etc.

Our research oriented faculties, state-of-art laboratories and industry aligned coursework will enable our students in acquiring an entrepreneurial sprit and securing good placement in industry. Those desirous of higher studies abroad will be mentored by our faculties with strong academic credentials from premier research institutes.